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  • What insurances are accepted at Midland Urgent Care?
    Midland Urgent Care accepts all insurances. We are also happy to serve patients who are uninsured.
  • What conditions do you treat at Midland Urgent Care?
    At Midland Urgent care we treat a number of conditions, particularly chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma and manage various seasonal maladies such as allergies, colds, and the flu. We are also able to consult regarding psychiatric conditions and offer counseling services to all ages. If you have a question about whether we can manage your condition, contact us using any of the provided avenues under the contacts tab.
  • What steps should I take to start my care at Midland Urgent Care?
    As it is an Urgent Care facility, Midland Urgent Care accepts same-day walk in appointments. You can simply walk into our facility at any point during operating business hours (Mon-Sat 7am-8pm) and we will check you in! From there on, you will establish care with us and we will provide you with instructions on how to proceed depending on your unique medical history and prior care.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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